Sr.No Praises Verses
901 O! Lord, how great are Your works – I praise You Ps 92:5
902 Your work is perfect and all Your ways are justice – I praise You Deu 32:4
903 Your righteousness is like the great mountains – I praise You Ps 36:6
904 Your glory is the earth and heaven – I praise You Ps 148:13
905 Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds – I praise You Ps 36:5
906 For Your mercy, O Lord which is in the heavens – I praise You Ps 36:5
907 Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds – I praise You Ps 36:5
908 The children of men take refuge under the shadow of Your wings – I praise You Ps 36:7
909 For the chariots of God that are twenty thousand even thousands of thousands – I praise You Ps 68:17
910 He who makes the clouds His chariot and walks on wings – I praise You Ps 104:3
911 He who rides on the clouds – I praise You Ps 68:4
912 Lord, You have stretched out the heavens like a curtain – I praise You Ps 104:2
913 He who counts the number of the stars and calls them all by name – I praise You Ps 147:4
914 He who seals off the stars – I praise You Job 9:7
915 The Lord who knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations – I praise You 2 Pet 2:9
916 He who knows to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgement – I praise You 2 Pet 2:9
917 God who is greater than our heart, and knows all things – I praise You 1 Jn 3:20
918 Lord, You are greater than Jonah – I praise You Matt12:41
919 You are greater than Solomon – I praise You Matt12:42
920 You are greater than all – I praise You Jn 10:29
921 You are greater than the temple – I praise You Matt 12:6
922 The Lord is great in Zion – I praise You Ps 99:2
923 He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world – I praise You 1 Jn 4:4
924 Your understanding is infinite – I praise You Ps 147:5
925 Great is Your goodness – I praise You Zech 9:17
926 Great is Your beauty – I praise You Zech 9:17
927 Great is Your faithfulness – I praise You Lam 3:23
928 Your mercies are very great – I praise You 1 Chr 21:13
929 Great is the glory of my Lord – I praise You Ps 138:5
930 Your mercy toward me is great – I praise You Ps 86:13
931 Lord, You command Your loving kindness in the day time – I praise You Ps 42:8
932 Your loving kindness is better than life – I praise You Ps 63:3
933 The Lord who gives grace and glory – I praise You Ps 84:11
934 How precious is Your loving kindness O!, God – I praise You Ps 36:7
935 Your mercy endures for ever – I praise You Ps 106:1
936 It is Your mercies that we are not consumed – I praise You Lam 3:22
937 Your mercies are new every morning – I praise You Lam 3:23
938 The Lord who crowns me with loving kindness and tender mercies – I praise You Ps 103:2
939 For Your compassions that fail not – I praise You Lam 3:22
940 For all Your benefits – I praise You Ps 103:2
941 Lord, You are clothed with honour and majesty – I praise You Ps 104:1
942 You are girded with strength – I praise You Ps 93:1
943 You cover Yourself with light as with a garments – I praise You Ps 104:2
944 He who put on righteousness as a breast plate – I praise You Isa 59:17
945 He who put on a helmet of salvation on His head – I praise You Isa 59:17
946 He who put on the garments of vengeance for clothing – I praise You Isa 59:17
947 He who is glad with zeal as a cloak – I praise You Isa 59:17
948 He who has the sharp two-edged sword – I praise You Rev 2:12
949 He who makes His angels, Spirits – I praise You Ps 104:4
950 Lord, You satisfy the longing soul – I praise You Ps 107:9
951 You fill the hungry soul with goodness – I praise You Ps 107:9
952 He who sends His word and heals – I praise You Ps 107:20
953 For Your word which gives me comfort in my afflictions – I praise You Ps 119:50
954 For the wondrous things from Your Law (Bible) – I praise You Ps 119:18
955 Lord, You have caused me to hope upon Your Word – I praise You Ps 119:49
956 For Your Word which gives me life – I praise You Ps 119:50
957 You have dealt well (are dealing well, will deal well) with Your servants – I praise You Ps 119:65
958 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – I praise You Ps119:105
959 Your words give light and understanding to the simple – I praise You Ps119:130
960 For Your words which is very pure and tried – I praise You Ps119:140
961 Your word was to me joy and rejoicing of my heart – I praise You Jer 15:16
962 Your words do good to him who walks uprightly – I praise You Mic 2:7
963 Your words are faithful and worthy of all acceptance – I praise You 1Tim 4:9
964 O! God, Your word is living and powerful – I praise You Heb 4:12
965 Your word is like a fire and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces – I praise You Jer 23:29
966 He who makes His words fire – I praise You Jer 5:14
967 The word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth – I praise You Ps 33:4
968 Your commandment is exceedingly broad – I praise You Ps 119:96
969 Lord, You did, and You will do awesome deeds to us – I praise You Ps 65:5
970 Lord, in righteousness You will answer – I praise You Ps 65:5
971 Lord, Your anger is but for a moment, but Your favour is for a life time – I praise You Ps 30:5
972 Lord, You will keep Your anger for ever – I praise You Ps 103:9
973 There is forgiveness with You – I praise You Ps 130:4
974 With You is abundant redemption – I praise You Ps 130:7
975 For the help of Your countenance – I praise You Ps 42:5
976 The Lord who made the heavens – I praise You Ps 96:5
977 He who made the worlds – I praise You Heb 1:2
978 He who made the sea into dry land – I praise You Ex 14:21
979 You broke open the fountain and the flood – I praise You Ps 74:15
980 You dried up mighty rivers – I praise You Ps 74:15
981 In the day time, You let Your people with the cloud and all the night with a light of fire – I praise You Ps 78:14
982 He who split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink – I praise You Ps 78:15
983 The waters of Marah were made sweet by You O! Lord – I praise You Ex 15:25
984 He who sent the bread of the angels as food in abundance – I praise You Ps 78:25
985 He who broke the wall of Jericho – I praise You Josh 6:20
986 He who opened the mouth of the donkey to speak – I praise You Num22:28
987 You made the Sun stand still over Gibeon and Moon in the valley of Aijalon – I praise You Josh 10:12
988 He who makes the morning darkness – I praise You Amos 4:13
989 He who turns the rivers into a wilderness – I praise You Ps 107:33
990 He who turns the water into dry ground – I praise You Ps 107:33
991 You turn the wilderness into pools of water Ps 107:35
992 Lord, You turn the rock into a pool of water Ps 114:8
993 You turn the dry land into water springs Ps 107:35
994 He who brings the time of birth and he who causes delivery Isa 66:9
995 The Lord who rebuilt the ruined places Eze 36:36
996 Lord, You will seek what was lost Eze 34:16
997 You bring back what was driven away Eze 34:16
998 You will bind up the broken Eze 34:16
999 You are a hiding place from the wind and a cover from the tempest Isa 32:2
1000 You will make darkness light before them and crooked place straight Isa 42:16
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