20th April, 2017 was a life altering evening for many in Dubai.  Pastor Michael ministered at the Crowne Plaza, Deira, UAE. Lives were transformed, many were healed and delivered physically and emotionally as the presence and the Glory of the Lord filled the auditorium.

Watch Pastor Michael ministering under a strong Prophetic anointing. Even as you watch expect the LORD to work in your situation.

God worked many signs and miracles.  People were healed of head, neck, knee pain, asthma. Emotional healings accompanied the many physical healing.  An online viewer experienced healing and deliverance in Santacruz, Mumbai as he placed his hand on his wife and believed for healing.


Watch Pastor Michael share the message “Make your voice heard before the King”. This message is sure to revolutionize your walk with God:

As the fragrance of Jesus, The Lily of the valley permeated the atmosphere, many people wept as they experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit.


Prophecy Fulfilled Concerning Marriage
In 2013, in Mangalore, Brother Michael prophesied that she will go abroad. In March 2016 when she was in Dubai on a visit visa, Brother prophesied that she would get married in the same year. She testified that she got married on 3rd August 2016, she also received her family visa on the 20th April 2017 and when her parents passed away, the Lord has blessed her with good parents in grace.

Provision of Abundant Water in Borewell
Her next testimony was that they found a good source of water on April 2, 2017 just 100 meters away from where their neighbours who had dug a well, but did not find a good water supply. They had called the Karuna Sadan Prayer Tower for prayers to get abundant water.

Prophecy Fulfilled about Job
During the Karuna Sadan Outreach in Dubai in the month of Feb. 2017, Bro. Michael prophesied that I would not lose my job. My name was not on the list to be laid off. I am still in service. So I praise & thank God.

Family Members Blessed Miraculously
I have been blessed tremendously since I have been connected with the Karuna Sadan Ministries. (1) My son had a temporary job for 6 months. But within 3 months, he was made permanent. (2) My daughter God promoted to the position of Director in Canada. I had attended the Karuna Sadan Prayer in Dubai in Feb. 2017. After the meeting as soon as I stepped out, I got a call about my daughter’s promotion. (3) My property case was pending since 2012 as the encroachers sold the land to somebody else. I had to sent summons to the new people who were not traceable. In March 2017, I traced them and now I am in a position to take up the matter further. I give glory & honour to the Lord God Almighty.

Son Blessed with a Job

Daughter received Promotion

Prophecy Fulfilled about Job
She was jobless for almost a year. She attended the service in February 2017 where Brother Michael prophesied that she would be blessed with a job in the month of March. She testified that she got a job in the month of March and gave all thanks and praise to Jesus.

Prophecy Concerning Restaurant Fullfilled
In Nov. 2016, Pastor prophesied over her life that she would have a restaurant. Clara testified that this prophecy had been fulfilled. She has a cafeteria of her own, which came through in January 2017. At the Dubai Outreach on April 20, 2017, Bro. Michael prophesied that God is giving her another place.

There was such a mighty anointing in this service. People in UAE are so hungry for the LORD. I humbly ask all those reading this report to pray for all those that attended this life changing service. All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.