It contained three thousand baths (2 Chronicles 4:5)
In 1 Kings 7:26, it is said to hold only two thousand baths.
Is there a discrepancy – No
Since this book was written after the Babylonian captivity, it is very possible that reference is here made to the Babylonian bath, which might have been less than the Jewish.
Let me explain: This is similar to the British system of measurements and the American system of measurements. If they were to measure they would throw up different measurements.

It stood on twelve oxen: three looking toward the north, three looking toward the west, three looking toward the south, and three looking toward the east; the Sea was set upon them, and all their back parts pointed inward. (2 Chronicles 4:4)
Some say it is a prophetic symbolic of the 12 apostles that carried the ‘water of life’ in all directions, all over the world.

Another interesting fact about bulls is that when threatened by an external enemy they will ‘put their back parts inward’ in other words ‘put their tails together’ – unite to fight an external enemy.

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