4 I have not sat with idolatrous mortals,
Nor will I go in with hypocrites.
5 I have hated the assembly of evildoers,
And will not sit with the wicked. (Psalm 26:4-5)
In the modern world this idea takes on an entirely different dimension, in many ways unknown to King David. We choose associations in our entertainment, and we often choose very poorly. We allow the wicked to amuse us, then to be our examples, then our models, and finally our idols. David’s statement here applies to these kinds of contacts and associations.

Why is it important to consider who we rub shoulders with?

Tend to become like them
Tend to get our advice from them
Tend to get a bad reputation from association.

In whose hands is a sinister scheme,
And whose right hand is full of bribes. (Psalm 26:10)
A hand that takes bribes is a dirty hand (NLT)

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