There will be a scarcity of water. Sea water will be filtered. Some kind of a filtration plant or process will be in place.
This will be a year of infrastructure development in Mumbai. How sale of real estate will be very very sluggish.


A. I saw some people in the Government. Earlier they did not have caps on their head. They were wearing new caps. There will be new faces in the administration. These will be highly competent people.

B. The economies of the world will slow down but India will do marginally well.
India to Remain Bright Spot of Global Economy: World Bank

Fulfillment Of Prophecy
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A. I see a strange sign. As if the sky is set on fire.
I also saw some kind of a burning stone in the sky moving across the skies. It was as if coming towards us and then it moves away in a circular direction.

B. There will be an assassination attempt on a world famous religious leader, but he will be safe.

C. I want you to listen carefully. Talks of a parallel universe will surface in the scientific community. This is nothing but the spirit world. Demonic deception in this area will increase. Demonic beings (Aliens) will be welcomed as entities from this other universe.

Fulfillment Of Prophecy
Clinton: Aliens may have visited us already
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D. A group of nations will come together on a worldwide platform. This group of nations will be united by one common religion. This coalition of nations will be a parallel group to the United Nations (UN)

Romans 8:22 says, “the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs”
E. There will be heightened seismic activity – both in the form of Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. I saw molten lava flowing in some places.

Fulfillment Of Prophecy
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F. Scientists warning over SUPER-VOLCANO that could kill MILLIONS

Fulfillment Of Prophecy
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