Prophecy 1
I saw something like worms crawling all over. These worms were attacking people. People were running here and there terrified. At the same time, I saw people in the house of God, worshipping the LORD, these worms could not touch them. Those people who are worshipping Lord, there was a glow around them.

I asked the LORD for an interpretation of this vision. For [then] He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. (Psalm 91:3 Amplified)
This year there will be pestilences unheard of in history.

You must be saying this is not fair. But too long the people of the world have mocked Gods people. They have asked questions like, where is your God. (Psalm 115:2). God says, “I will not be mocked anymore.” (Galatians 6:7) The people of the world will have to admit there is a God in the heaven who controls the affair of men.

Prophecy 2

For quite some time, the world has seen only bigger commercial planes but now we will see faster commercial planes. I am not talking about military planes but commercial planes.

Prophecy 3

The saga of mysterious plane disappearances and mysterious crashes will increase this year 2017. When you are travelling by plane, you need to cover your plane with the Blood of Jesus


Wherever, I go people have asked me about ISIS. I asked the Lord about this. As I was praying in the spirit, I saw something come from up and One horn is crushed but in place of that horn other smaller horns will rise. It will spread all throughout Europe.

As I was praying in the spirit, I saw one horn. And something came from up, and the horn was cut. The horn was bleeding and the people were shouting it’s over. But out of that horn, grew little little horns.
I asked the Lord about the little horns. These little horns were spaced out from that place. And the Holy Spirit said, the bighorn is destroyed, but these small horns will spread over all Europe. We need to pray for the continent of Europe.

This was once a hub of Christianity before. We need to place for this place. These little horns will spread with different names. You will see it. This is nothing, but preparation for the Antichrist.


I love the state of Goa and I was praying for the state of Goa.
The Holy Spirit said, there is going to be a power shift.
Listen, I also saw land shake like this in Goa.


Chaos will prevail in the country. I saw dark clouds gather. All I can say is we need to pray more than ever for this beloved nation of ours.


This will be a tough year for Israel. There will be many angelic appearances all over Israel.

Traditionally, when one speaks of Israel, it is always connected to land but in the Spirit I saw the sea. This is where Israel will be greatly benefited from and also needs to be watchful.

Middle East

There will be revival in the Middle East. The LORD will pour out His Spirit in the desert. Many people will turn to the LORD.

I saw like a mist, that mist was going over that land, “Oh God is it a storm?” I asked, the Lord replied “it’s my presence moving over the Land.”


America will continue to lose its influence in the world and will be more concerned with internal issues. However, the favour of God will continue to be upon this nation.
This nation has sowed into many nations. So we must pray for this nation. Much of the gospel work was financed through this nation. God has not forgotten those people. God will honour them, Amen. But politically they will lose their influence.


I saw a vision in which I saw a bamboo. I heard the Spirit of God say that this refers to the nation of China. I did not understand until I checked and found out that China is referred to as the Bamboo Kingdom. I saw great internal strife but this bamboo shooting up above the grass.
China will have a greater say in world politics than USA. China will have the greater say in the world politics, than any other nation. We need to pray for good relationships between our nation and that nation.


As I was praying in the Spirit, I heard the LORD say, I will have mercy on Indonesia. I was told by someone that Indonesia suffered the most number of Natural disasters ever in its history in the year 2016. The most number of natural disasters ever happened in that country in the year 2016.

I also heard a name – woh-tu-ping (I honestly don’t know what it means)


But the more [the Egyptians] oppressed them, the more they multiplied and expanded, so that [the Egyptians] were vexed and alarmed because of the Israelites. (Exodus 1:12)

Some of the largest churches in the world will rise out of India. Till now missionaries came to India but now they will go from India to the nations.